Injoy YogaSA


Owner & Instructor

I, Cher Goslett Strydom, qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2010 and since then my life has been one exciting journey of self enquiry! 


To learn to love yourself and reconnect with the world both inside and around you is what we practice at InJoy Yoga SA. 


Join me on Fridays or Sundays at Tea in the Trees (one of the most magical places to practice yoga) for rejuvenating and relaxing yoga classes 8.30am to 9.30am. 


During lockdown we are practicing Social Distancing Yoga. Please wear your mask, bring your sanitiser and your own yoga equipment.

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Please book with me in advance.

Cher - 083 325 2151 facebook@Injoy YogaSA
Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Asana and Massage form part of InJoy Yoga SA

Casa Castile 

Nicki and Andreas 

Owners & Creators

Established 2002.  Casa Castile has a wide range of Olive Oil & creams and Preservative free.

For more information please contact us on: 

Andreas +27 (043) 555-6019

Nicki +27 (72) 726-9443

For online orders:

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Silver Keeper



Based in East London, Silver Keeper was started 11 years ago and developed into a shop in 2014.

We have evolved with products and items over the years. Currently our Berea Shop has been voted "The best priced Sterling Silver Shop in East London".

For more information please contact us on:

Tea in the Trees Produce

Kate Bosazza

Homemade delicious lemonade, marmalades & cakes.

For more information please contact us on: 

Kate +27 (72) 6112367

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Earth Forest


At Earth Forest, we are passionate about supporting local farmers who grow food with love and care. Farmers that understand the importance of building the bio diversity of the soil.

For that reason, our menus change on a regular basis. As soon as we receive fresh and organic produce, no matter what it may be, we change our menu and create new items with the new produce.

We currently have 2 branches in East London, South Africa and we run daily deliveries to all inner city and outlaying areas.

To embrace a new world we have introduced 2 new currencies with our online store:

Gifting ~ the act of giving without expecting anything in return. This could be for yourself, your family or someone you know is in need.

Trade & barter ~ the act of sharing ones skills, time, fresh produce, herbs from the garden, material possessions or anything one has to offer in exchange for our products.

We wish to support a world that is governed by love and compassion, a world where our pure presence is valued over our bank accounts, cars or any material objects.

A world where parents can stay home and raise the children of the world to be moral and happy beings. Beings that serve our planet and each other with open hearts. 

For more information please contact us on: 

 +27 (43) 492 1893 /

Bosazza Projects

Simon Bosazza

For all your general maintenance, flooring, decking, timber homes, general carpentry, landscaping and 🐝 Bee Removals.


Please contact us on:  +27 (72)405 1010

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Humble Saffa

Rochelle & Neil 


Humble Saffa is a relatively new company, born out of a need for exceptional quality products at excellent prices.


Our 100% Cotton Duvet covers have fresh & quirky reversible prints.  They have a high tread count of 205 with clear button fixings at the bottom.  Our duvets are for people who are looking for something contemporary yet something not void of colour which most other contemporary duvets are.  Our duvets also come in  eco-friendly cotton drawstring bags to alleviate single use plastic bags.  These bags can be reused from many used such as shopping, gift & laundry bags.


Our 100% Organic Rooibos Espressos have been sourced locally and are of exceptional quality.  What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are an eco-friendly company so our packaging is 100% recyclable as apposed to all other foil lined plastic containers which most other companies use.  We also have made used of the Honeybush variety of teas which is also caffeine free, high in anti-oxidants and being naturally sweeter in taste than most other teas.  This is great for those that are trying to cut down on sugar.


For those that don’t know, ‘Saffa’ is an affectionate name given to South African’s by the global community. 


We would love to add you to our Humble Saffa Community.

For more information please contact us on: 

Rochelle +27 (73) 2613909

For online orders:

Claudi Kriel Art

Claudi Kriel 

For more information please contact us on: 

Claudi +27 (82) 459764

Check us out at: Beach Bunnies Beach Art

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Puzzles & Purses

Tracey & Reuben

For more information please contact us on: 

Tracey +27 (82) 4818622

Emerald Vale Brewing Co.


Emerald Vale Brewery is a family business that shares the true Wild Coast hospitality. It is very popular with locals and visitors for its incredible Ale’s and speciality beers. The brewery offers an authentic farm experience, and our brew tour takes you behind the scenes to show you the workings of the microbrewery and how the beer ultimately finds its way from the keg to the glass.

Emerald Vale Farm, Chintsa East, Eastern Cape
Call: 043 738 5397
Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday: 11AM – 7PM
Sunday from 11AM – 5PM
Monday & Tuesday CLOSED

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Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 7.20.56 PM.png